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3rd Project Meeting-2nd Awareness Event, 30th-31st of March 2023

The Regional Development Fund of Central Macedonia attended the 3rd Partner Meeting and the 2nd Open Awareness event of the ENTEG project, which took place on the 30th and 31st of March 2023 in the town of Prilep, Republic of North Macedonia. The events were organized by PB4, COSV -Coordination of the Organizations for Voluntary Services – Prilep branch.
At the partner meeting on March 30th, the representatives of the partnership discussed the implemented project activities and coordinated the upcoming actions. The following day, the 2nd open Awareness Event was implemented, where in addition to the representatives of the partnership, the Mayor of Prilep, Mr. Borche Jovcheski, representatives of the local Economic Chamber, representatives of the local employment sector, and representatives of the local business and economic sector attended. The project manager for the partner COSV, Ms. Danja Dimovska Mikarovska, highlighted the contribution of the project to the interception of the brain drain phenomenon, while the project manager for the lead partner, the Regional Development Fund of Central Macedonia, Ms. Lambrini Tsoli, emphasized the need for cooperation between the two neighboring countries after the consequences they suffered from the previous economic waves. The representative of the Technical Chamber of Greece/ Section of Central Macedonia, Mr. Michael Dragoumis, stated that through the project ENTEG, the organization aims to improve the entrepreneurial capacity of its members with an emphasis on innovation, collaboration, and acquiring business skills. The research and the proposed policy change on the issue of higher education for Roma in the Republic of North Macedonia, which were prepared by partner COSV, were also presented at the Awareness Event. Lastly, the educational and entrepreneurial opportunities opened to the ENTEG project beneficiaries from both neighboring countries were pointed out by Mr. Zlatko Talevski, who is the project manager for PB3, Youth Cultural Center-Bitola.