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2nd Project Meeting-1st Awareness Event, 13th-14th of December 2022

On the 13th and 14th of December 2022 at the town of Bitola, in the Republic of North Macedonia, the Regional Development Fund of Central Macedonia participated in the 2nd Project Meeting and the 1st Public Awareness Event for the project organized by (PB3) Youth Cultural Center-Bitola, where representatives of all beneficiaries attended. At the project meeting were discussed the objectives implemented so far by each beneficiary, as well as the upcoming planned actions. The following day, at the Public Information Event, on behalf of the RDFCM, Ms Lambrini Tsoli presented to the attendees and the local media the objectives and significance of the project for the two participating countries. The attendees of the event included Mr. Alexandros Vidouris from the Consulate of Greece in Bitola, as well as representatives of the local education and business sectors. All beneficiaries participated in the event and presented the organizations they represent and their role in the smooth implementation of the project objectives. The RDFCM through the ENTEG project aims to strengthen the local economy and the workforce of the Region, with an emphasis on enhancing the entrepreneurship skills of higher education graduates.