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The overall objective of the project is to improve the solid waste and wastewater infrastructures and promote biowastes separation at source and treatment. This objective will definitely contribute to the overall strategy of the programme because it will lead to improved living standards, environmental conditions, a better use of natural resources, increased attractiveness of the area for visitors and improved employment opportunities in environmental and touristic services.

The main specific objectives, contributing directly to the programme’s specific objective to promote sustainable management and recycling of bio-wastes, are:

  • The deviation of a significant percentage of organic wastes, which is the larger part of municipal solid wastes and the more difficult to handle, from land filling.
  • The production of compost, which is a material rich in nutrients and organics, and its use in agriculture so as to contribute to substitution of commercial inorganic fertilizers, enrichment of soil with organic substances, increase the water holding capacity of soil.
  • The reduction of economic resources spent for commingled municipal solid wastes.
  • The provision of economic resources for the development of the area in the direction of green investments.
  • The protection of the water resources, environment and public health through improved wastewater treatment and solid wastes effective collection and management.
  • The promotion of new, for the area, tools and methods for treating wastes, like biowaste composting, which are not widely expanded till now.
  • Furthermore, the project is aiming to enhance contacts within the area by the establishment of partnerships and enhance knowledge and skills through the development of innovative tools and practices in waste management and capacity-building of local authorities.